Our unique research and development process involves gaining a thorough understanding of your organizational purpose and your goals. Once we know where you’re going, we design the communications vehicles to get you to your destination and beyond.

Before we get started on your project, we'll have you complete a Creative Questionnaire to aid you in clarifying your own thinking about your desires and objectives, and to give us a stronger sense of your preferences.
During PHASE I, we work closely with you to deepen our knowledge of your organization's needs, position, challenges, and audiences. We'll then translate your goals into a cohesive design and development plan.

Sample PHASE I deliverable: Comprehensive creative brief for your project.

During PHASE II, we craft the information systems, hierarchy, and user interface best suited to meeting your unique goals, informing your final product with visual pathways to guide your users through the actions you want them to take.

Sample PHASE II deliverables: Navigable, online wireframes (or blueprints) of your new website, giving you an opportunity to test drive the new information architecture as it will be experienced by your site's users.

Every design choice, from layout and color to font and imagery, is made with your greater communications goals in mind. The stand-out ideas are developed into initial concepts, and presented for your review. We then work with you to revise your chosen concept until we've finalized a look-and-feel you love.

Sample PHASE III deliverables: Comps (or mockups) of two potential designs for your new website's homepage; Refinements to the homepage comp of your choice; Derivative designs for all internal pages of your new website.

Once your site is ready to build, our developer will strive to make it ``pixel perfect,`` so what you see online will match what you saw during the design process-- no surprises. Prior to launch, we'll test everything, and make sure the site functions seamlessly for your users.

Sample PHASE IV deliverables: A development site where you can view and weigh-in on our progress, browser and beta testing to make sure your site functions perfectly on all devices, the finished project launched on your server.

Your project isn't complete when your website launches or your printed materials are delivered. We offer a full range of post-project services to ensure that your new communications tools are leveraged to best effect.

Sample POST-PROJECT deliverables: Ongoing website maintenance and support, website hosting services, coordination of mailing services for your printed pieces, quarterly social media training for your staff, and much more!