We are a team of individuals who are committed to sustainable life and work practices. We don’t just help do-gooders do better, we try each and every day to do a little better ourselves. Below are some of the ways we are aspiring to contribute positively to our shared economy, culture, environment, and society.



We're tree huggers. But we don't stop at the hugging. We do our best to minimize our environmental impact and keep this planet green and healthy every single day. We're riders of bikes and public transportation; avid recyclers and re-users; and organic, local consumers.

Union Print Shops

We patronize union and cooperatively-owned shops for the production and distribution of our clients' printed materials. We like supporting locally owned vendors that not only deliver on the highest standards of print, binding, handwork, and mailing services, but that also treat their employees with integrity.

Pro Bono Design

Many organizations in our region are doing important, meaningful work, but don't have the resources to afford quality consultation, design, and website development work. We offer complementary services to some non-profits, helping them tell their stories and take their success to the next level.


Envisioning Success

A successful communications strategy begins with careful consideration of the desired outcomes: what would success look like? Increased membership and/or donations? Policy advancement? Broadened brand-awareness? Only by envisioning where you want to go, can we appropriately chart the steps you'll need to take to get there.

Warts-and-all Approach

A clearly articulated set of internal goals, a method for measuring achievement, and openness about current failings are critical to ensuring the success of any communications initiative. It takes a brave firm to adopt a 'warts and all' approach, but the gains are usually worthwhile, and it is our belief that smart, effective PR, while being vivid and confident, also necessitates honesty and humility.

Work/Life Balance

This one is pretty simple. In an increasingly stressful world, we like to have fun, stay healthy, and enjoy our work. We take ourselves seriously enough to ensure our clients' success, but not so seriously that we don't have a good time. We appreciate good humor and hard work in equal doses.