Tend Brand Package

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Meaningful Movies Project Branding

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Meaningful Movies Project



Client Type: Non-Profit


In recognition of their 10th anniversary, Seattle’s Meaningful Movies Project (MMP) asked us to help them take their brand (and their website) to the next level. A volunteer-run organization, MMP had an identity that was narrowly focused on a very specific audience demographic, with a look-and-feel that was decidedly “grassroots.” They asked us to help bring their graphic identity into the 21st century, and–ultimately–to help make MMP relevant to a new, more diverse generation of film buffs and community-builders. They wanted the new MMP logo, which would become the foundation for all of their organizational collateral, to elevate MMP as a viable alternative to big-box movie houses.

Client: George Pocock Rowing Foundation

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George Pocock Rowing Foundation

 CLIENT: George Pocock Rowing Foundation    CATEGORY: Soft Rebrand     ORG TYPE: Nonprofit

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation (Seattle) exists to promote access to rowing, excellence in rowing, and use of rowing as a means to foster physical activity, health, leadership, and community engagement. This year marked the GPRF’s 30th anniversary, and we were asked to reinvent their organizational logo. We tweaked their color scheme to modernize the look of their icon, and reoriented their logo text to imbue the mark with a nautical reference.

Client: Wild Steelhead Coalition

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Wild Steelhead Coalition

 CLIENT: Wild Steelhead Coalition    CATEGORY: Branding     ORG TYPE: Nonprofit

The Wild Steelhead Coalition exists to increase the return of wild steelhead to Northwest waters. Entirely volunteer run, the WSC was founded more than 20 years ago by a group of concerned anglers who worried that their steelhead were disappearing at an alarming rate. The organization was still using the logo and identity that had been created at the time of its founding, and which no longer resonated with the WSC’s target audience of avid conservation anglers. We were asked to reinvent the WSC brand to be bolder, more iconic, and more compelling to a younger demographic of steelhead supporters and advocates. We created a mark that is strong and solid, like the steelhead itself, while also implying the flow of cold clear water on which steelhead depend.

Client: VenturScale

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 CLIENT: VenturScale    CATEGORY: Branding     ORG TYPE: Social Business

VenturScale is a social purpose business that helps other social purpose businesses scale up to increase their impact. At the time of VenturScale’s founding, the company didn’t have a name, a tagline, a logo, or a website. We were brought in to help the co-founders strategize about their business goals, the audiences they’d need to reach in able to be successful in reaching those goals, and the communications they’d need in order to make an impact on those audiences. We worked together to hone a name, a tagline, and ultimately a logo for this new social purpose business poised to make an international impact.


Salish Sea Marine Survival Project Branding

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Salish Sea Marine Survival Project

 CLIENT: Long Live the Kings    CATEGORY: Branding     ORG TYPE: Nonprofit

Salmon recovery nonprofit Long Live the Kings asked us to craft the visual identity for their hallmark, multinational partnership to restore salmon to Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia–the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project. Because the effort is a collaboration between US and Canadian scientists, we wanted to represent the two countries in the project logo, as well as salmon. We chose colors that are suggestive of those present in the artwork of the Coast Salish peoples.

Shift Change Branding

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