Client: Mukilteo Coffee Roasters

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 CLIENT: Mukilteo Coffee Roasters    CATEGORY: Website Design     Org Type: Local Business

Mukilteo Coffee Roasters is an artisan roaster and cafe on beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington. The folks at “The Muk” were reeling from a long arduous process with a web development firm that didn’t provide them with the website they’d hoped for. Enter Matterhorn. We came in to help Mukilteo Coffee owners and staff re-discover what it is they love about The Muk and channel that into an online presence that vibrantly conveyed the company’s values, mission, and unique character.

Client: Meaningful Movies Project

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 CLIENT: Meaningful Movies Project    CATEGORY: Website Design     Org Type: Nonprofit

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Client: George Pocock Rowing Foundation

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 CLIENT: George Pocock Rowing Foundation    CATEGORY: Website Design      ORG TYPE: Nonprofit

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation (Seattle) exists to promote access to rowing, excellence in rowing, and use of rowing as a means to foster physical activity, health, leadership, and community engagement. This year marked the GPRF’s 30th anniversary, and we were asked to reinvent their organizational logo and design and build their new website. We delivered a bold, photo-driven site that conveys GPRF’s values, while providing an online hub for the Foundation’s community of rowers.

Client: Triangle Associates

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Triangle Associates

 CLIENT: Triangle Associates    CATEGORY: Website Design     Org Type: Adobe Illustrator CC

Triangle Assoicates is a Seattle-based consulting firm committed to helping people understand and resolve public policy issues and environmental conflicts. In 2014, and in advance of a significant website rebuild, we were asked to update and modernize Triangle’s existing site. We updated the look and feel of the Triangle site, without substantively altering its content, providing a fresh new online presence more aligned with Triangle’s expertise and values.

Client: Turnpoint Consulting

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Turnpoint Consulting

 CLIENT: Turnpoint Consulting    CATEGORY: Website Design     Org Type: Nonprofit

Turnpoint Consulting has been guiding Northwest non-profits through change and transition since 2002. In honor of the organization’s 10th anniversary, founder and Prinicipal Consultant Cory Sbarbaro asked us to create a dynamic new online presence to better convey the mission and values of Turnpoint’s work. We designed the new Turnpoint website from scratch, creating a custom look-and-feel that relies on simplicity, clarity, and smooth information flow, while incorporating imagery that communicates Turnpoint’s dedication to positive social change. The site was developed using the free open-source platform WordPress, to ease long-term administration of its content by Cory and his team.

Client: Wild Steelhead Coalition

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Wild Steelhead Coalition

 CLIENT: Wild Steelhead Coalition    CATEGORY: Website Design     TOOLS USED: Nonprofit

The Wild Steelhead Coalition is a non-profit based in Seattle that works to increase the return of wild steelhead to the waters of the Pacific Northwest. With an identity that was tired and lackluster, the WSC asked us to create a new logo and website that would help them reach their objective of engaging constituents to become proactive advocates for steelhead. We presented several different logo and website design options, all representing the WSC’s core messages. Their ultimate choice was most bold, modern, and different from their original identity. The new logo and website launched in December of 2011.

Client: KinetiCor

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 CLIENT: KinetiCor    CATEGORY: Website Design     Org Type: Social Business

We were hired to create a new, custom WordPress website for the medical imaging technology firm, KinetiCor. The company’s goal was to implement a dynamic new online presence to help cement their place as the market leader in providing the most advanced and cost-effective Motion Correction Technologies to the Healthcare industry. The new site launched in early December, 2012.

Client: Shift Change

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Truths are first clouds; then rain, then harvest and food.

Puget Sound Community School Website

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Anger is never without Reason, but seldom with a good One.

Konpay Website

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